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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Falkin IV Enters Home Stretch, New Rules set for Falkin V

Today Falkin Investing President and Founder, Blain Reinkensmeyer, announced that Falkin IV is now entering into its home stretch, with only one month remaining of competition. “It has been an exciting two months watching competitors from across the globe compete in the Falkin IV Stock Competition. Every time the leader board is updated it seems that someone knew has entered into the mix. With such a diverse representation of strategy, the finish should be great.” Falkin IV officially ends on Monday April 3rd, 2006, with Falkin V set to start the following Monday.

Also announced today was the addition of new rules for the competitions. Blain declined to comment on the details of the new rules the FIO will be implementing, but deemed them, “necessary to maintain the integrity and simplicity of the Falkin Competition Series”. The biggest question amongst FIO members has been centered on the potential removal of options trading for Falkin V all together. FIO Member Ailun Zhan out of Shanghai China argues for the cause, “…if we ban options in F5, I believe our contestants will learn more. I think a stock only F5 would be much more interesting and challenging.” On the other end, members feel that options are a big part of the competitions, and removing them would take away from a great educational tool.

The official rules for the Falkin V are set to be released tomorrow, March 1st, by Noon Eastern Standard Time. The release will also be when Blain will make the announcement on not only the allowance of options trading, but the other new rules.

-Falkin News Team

About the FIO: The Falkin Investing Organization is a 501c (3) pending non-profit Organization centered around the stock market. The Organization provides free discussion forums, trading tools, education programs, stock competitions, and more to members across the globe. The Organization is the creator and sole owner of the Falkin Stock Competition Series, and also the FalkinPro Education Center. More can be found out at the Organization’s website,


  • If you are going to run without options, I would say run 2 competitions and seperate the stock from the options.

    Personally, I think that this is an ideal method of proving or disproving whether options or stocks will give you better advantage.

    If the idea is to make money and lots of it in the market, then it would be prudent to test which method works best and why. We can un cover hiddden truths in the stock market world by doing them side by side.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 01, 2006 10:06 AM  

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