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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

FIO Approves Options Trading for Falkin V, Doors Open to F4 Paper Entries

Today Blain finalized the new updated rules for the Falkin Sponsored Competition Series, which includes options trading. Though allowed, new rules set in place will not allow contestants trading options the same leverage they once had. Blain felt good about the new rules set in place, and commented on his decision to allow options trading for Falkin V and beyond, “It really became interesting as so many members felt strongly one way or another. With so much to look at, the greatest challenge was based on maintaining the same simplicity from past competitions, and keeping all contestants regardless of experience level in mind. I am confident that the new rules implemented will effectively keep options trading under control and will maintain a fun, exciting, and most importantly fair playing field for all contestants.” To read up on all the new rules, please refer to the official rules page here.

The decision on allowing options in Falkin V and beyond came today as the FIO staff opened up its doors to paper entries from Falkin IV. Prize eligible contestants through the month of March are allowed to submit a 100-1000 word typed paper describing what they learned from the competition. All paper entries are automatically entered into a drawing for free gift certificates. Also, one paper will be chosen as the “grand prize winner”, receiving not only a gift certificate, but recognition within the FIO community, and seeing their paper featured on the website. You can submit your paper entry and read others as they are entered here.

With the new rules set in place, and Falkin IV nearing completion, the only tasks left are to distribute other prizes for the competition, announce the Falkin IV winner, and have the official prize distribution list for Falkin V released. Full of surprises, Blain foreshadowed possibly pulling something creative off to take Falkin V to new heights. We asked if it would top the Geneva Investments sponsorship from Falkin II, a management fund based out of Chicago with over $1 billion dollars in assets. Blain responded, “The Geneva sponsorship in Falkin II was a very exciting event for us. I am always trying to pull strings to bring more to FIO members. We will see what cooks up for Falkin V, but expect the unexpected.”

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-FIO News Team

About the FIO: The Falkin Investing Organization is a 501c (3) pending non-profit Organization centered around the stock market. The Organization provides free discussion forums, trading tools, education programs, stock competitions, and more to members across the globe. The Organization is the creator and sole owner of the Falkin Stock Competition Series, and also the FalkinPro Education Center. More can be found out at the Organization’s website,


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