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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Falkin V Opens to the Public

Earlier this past week the Falkin V Stock Competition officially opened to the public. Utilizing’s professional stock simulator, over about three months contestants will be able to trade stocks, options, trade on margin, short, and more. The Falkin Investing Organization is also giving out free prizes for contestants that participate and register themselves for prize eligibility. The competition officially starts April 10th, 2006 as the Falkin IV Stock Competition still needs to finish up. The growth of the competitions has been quite impressive: Falkin I had only 13 contestants, Falkin II had 16, Falkin III had 97, and Falkin IV currently has 268. Blain commented on the growth, “It has been exciting to see such attention for our stock competitions. It feels good knowing we are promoting education and helping contestants expand their knowledge of the stock market. Our goal for Falkin V is to have over 300 contestants, and we expect to hand out around $150 in prize money.” To get yourself into the competition, simply follow these steps:

1. Create a free username at
Search Competition "Falkin V", or just follow this link.
Gain Free Prize Eligibility (optional) here.
Trade away!! Good luck!!

If you have any questions about the competition please feel free to contact the FIO staff by emailing them at You may also private message Blain on the forums, screen name Stocktrading101.

-FIO News Team

About the FIO: The Falkin Investing Organization is a 501c (3) pending non-profit Organization centered around the stock market. The Organization provides free discussion forums, trading tools, education programs, stock competitions, and more to members across the globe. The Organization is the creator and sole owner of the Falkin Stock Competition Series, and also the FalkinPro Education Center. More can be found out at the Organization’s website,


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