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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Joe Styles Takes on FIO Operations

Yesterday Joe Styles was named the Head of Operations for the Falkin Investing Organization. Joe, 42, has been an active member for the past two months and has helped bring about multiple positive changes for the Community. Blain commented on the decision, “I was extremely excited to hear that Joe wanted the job. His work ethic, passion, and drive to make the FIO successful is unprecedented. I am consistently amazed at what Joe can do, and I can’t imagine how big of an asset he will continue to be down the road.”

The official inauguration came during last night’s weekly FIO community meeting online. Members and Staff from around the globe showed up to be a part of and congratulate Joe on his new role. The toughest part of the whole meeting was deciding on a new nickname for Joe within the community. With the help of staff and members, a final vote was decided on “The Ops Man”. Blain commented, “My nickname is ‘The Head Honcho’ and it is a fun way to bring members closer to the staff. We wanted a nickname that brought out the best of Joe and at the same time added some flare.”

Joe’s duties as Head of Operations began immediately today. He now handles the hiring and management of FIO Community Moderators, helps run the FIO Innovation Team, and takes care of other Community duties. You can find out more about Joe in his FIO Community Profile here.

-Falkin News Team

About the FIO: The Falkin Investing Organization is a 501c (3) pending non-profit Organization centered around the stock market. The Organization provides free discussion forums, trading tools, education programs, stock competitions, and more to members across the globe. The Organization is the creator and sole owner of the Falkin Stock Competition Series, and also the FalkinPro Education Center. More can be found out at the Organization’s website,


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