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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Falkin IV Stock Competition Winners

After three months of trading, the Falkin IV stock trading competition has concluded, and a champion has been crowned. Larry Hayes out of Washington USA ended with an impressive 67.66% growth on his original $100,000. Larry received an gift certificate along side the title as champion, and will be inducted into the hall of fame. With the tallest field in Falkin Stock Competition history, Falkin IV ended with an unprecedented 282 contestants representing numerous countries from around the globe. The FIO was proud to sponsor such a large event, and looks forward to Falkin V which started today with the opening bell.

Beside Larry Hayes though as the stock competition champion, there is also Jake Keyser who was crowned the winner of the educational paper contest. Utilizing graphs, notes, and any other creative means, contestants described in their own words any lessons they learned through participating in the competition. Upon reading all entries, the staff decided that Jake had the most creative, distinguished piece, along side learning some valuable lessons about stock trading. Jake received an gift certificate, and his paper is now featured on the site, which can be read here.

New for Falkin IV, gift certificates were also handed out to contestants based on random drawings. In one drawing, any prize eligible contestant who made 10 transactions or more through the course of the competition was automatically entered. Vitaly Fokin out of Montreal Canada and Daniel Reever out of Kansas USA both won gift certificates from this drawing, showing that regardless of overall place just participating still has its rewards. In another drawing from all paper entries, Spencer Toth out of Michigan USA was randomly chosen as an gift certificate winner.

All in all, the Falkin IV Stock Competition made its mark in the FIO history books, not only because of the massive field of contestants, but also from the educational value that came as a result of competing. The FIO thanks everyone who participated and thinks of all contestants as winners. What future competitions hold in store is anyone’s guess, but for now Falkin V asks only one question, “How high will you climb?” To find out how to join Falkin V, please refer here. Thank you for reading.

-Falkin News Team

About Our Winners: If you would like to find out more about our prize winners, you can view their FIO profiles by following these links: Larry Hayes, Jake Keyser, Vitaly Fokin, Daniel Reever, and Spencer Toth.

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